Automotive enthusiasts and pundits alike predicted success for the purveyors of British luxury from Crewe, when the Bentley Bentayga debuted. After all, the target consumers in the red-hot luxury SUV segment have proven time and time again to have an insatiable thirst for speed, commanding presence, and plush environs. How to improve on an already impressive platform like the Bentayga? The renowned designers from MANSORY were well-suited to the task, having turned out critically-acclaimed tuning programs for other British luxury marques including Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, and of course, Bentley over the decades. The starting point of Mansory’s Bentayga program is performance. A sport exhaust and engine tuning contribute to a massive increase in the power department. Mansory’s efforts push horsepower from 600 to 691hp, and torque from 664 to 774 lb-ft. Top speed increases to a 193 mph, impressive for any car let alone a SUV pushing over 5,500 pounds.

Capping off the performance upgrades is Mansory’s new Y5/1 wheel – available as a 23-inch cast wheel or a 22-inch forged wheel. In the larger form, the Y5/1 wheel is shod in 295/35ZR23 Continental tires. In addition to increasing contact patch and handling, the wheel & tire combination fill the Bentayga’s wheel wells and signal its sporting intent.

Of course, no MANSORY tuning program is complete without exterior restyling. MANSORY put its expertise in carbon fiber manufacturing to work by completely reworking the Bentayga’s aerodynamics. The result: a dramatically more imposing look and a wider, more purposeful stance.

mansory bentley bentayga wide body blue carbon fiber rear diffuser trunk wing spoiler roof wing spoiler side skirt set over fender exhaust system tip y51 wheel rim 2016 2017 2018

MANSORY has graced the Bentayga with a redesigned front end featuring a new front bumper with carbon fiber underspoiler, LED daytime running lights, and a carbon fiber grill. A carbon hood with functional vents continues the aggressive theme. One look at the flanks of the Bentayga confirms Mansory’s handiwork, in the form of a 4-piece widebody kit. MANSORY engineers developed a rear spoiler for mounting onto the tailgate, as well as a matching 2-part roof spoiler to increase downforce. In addition, a new rear skirt with diffuser sets ideally complements the double tailpipes of the sport exhaust system.

Bentley has prided itself on coddling its owners in comfort while allowing them to experience new levels of speed. In that spirit, MANSORY offers the finest in interior applications to match the Bentayga’s superior performance credentials. Highlights include an aluminum pedal set, sport steering wheel, and Mansory-branded entrance panels and floor mats. Discerning Bentayga owners can also opt for a personalized interior kit and choose from different materials including exclusive wooden trims and unique interior inlays.

It is no simple feat to take a remarkable car and improve upon it, particularly when it is made by a legendary outfit like Bentley. With the Bentayga, MANSORY has done just that.

mansory bentley bentayga carbon interior program 2016 2017 2018 2019