MANSORY Coastline

German luxury tuner Mansory presents the MANSORY Coastline, a limited edition conversion of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Once again, the world leader in customizing luxury and exotic cars combines the best materials in vehicle construction with engine performance upgrades and new styling cues with the interior and exterior, transforming the Rolls-Royce in a unique way that only MANSORY can do.

With the high standards of visual appearance and aerodynamics that Rolls Royce cars command, the designers at MANSORY had the challenge of reshaping the front end of the Rolls Royce Cullinan. A freshly designed front apron with larger air intakes in the new front bumper give the front end an aggressive new look. A new carbon fiber lightweight hood and grill surround also give the luxury SUV additional accents to the face of the vehicle. No parts of the exterior were left untouched as the sides and the rear have also been redesigned. The new side skirts have been designed so that they can handle airflow on the flanks and also give the appearance of the MANSORY Coastline to be extended and lower. The designers at MANSORY mounted a rear tail gate spoiler lip to match the redesigned rear apron to finish off the rear end of the vehicle. Only forged carbon was selectively used all around on components of the entire vehicle to enhance the modern and superior look of the Cullinan.

In combination with the exposed forged carbon accents, a custom two-tone paint job in matte oceanblue with a secret silver paint above the window line is exclusive to only 8 vehicles world wide that can be called the MANSORY Coastline. To match the appearance of the limited edition Rolls-Royce, MANSORY uses FS.23 multispoke forged wheels in 24 inch. The V.6 forged wheel can also be fitted if desired. MANSORY forged lightweight wheels are not only made to handle high speed driving but also for high loads. High-performance tires are recommended to be used in combination for both the front and rear axles in a 295/30R24.

With all the exterior and handling upgrades, MANSORY could not leave the heart of the vehicle untouched. Engine upgrades include a new engine management and a sport exhaust system. These upgrades results in increasing the performance of the Cullinans V12-cylinder engine to 610 hp (standard: 571 hp) as well as an increase in torque to 950 Nm (standard: 850 Nm). This gives the MANSORY Coastline a new 0 to 60 mph(0 to 100 km/h) in only 5 seconds. The new top speed of the MANSORY Coastline has been increased to 173 mph(280 km/h).

The finest leather materials are used in the completely new interior of the MANSORY Coastline with high-gloss polished lacquer surfaces in the cockpit complementing the full leather interior. This new interior is stitched with wavy lines throughout the turquoise leather skin unique to the MANSORY Coastline. MANSORY logos are embroidered in the seats and floor mats set as additional accents. All MANSORY complete conversions and components on and in the vehicle combine to form a perfect harmony of style to meet the demands of its discerning clientele from all over the world.

This  complete vehicle conversion from
MANSORY is based on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Complete vehicle conversion includes:
Matt two-tone special paint in oceanblue & secret silver
All aerodynamic body parts in forged carbon
Full leather interior in the colour turquoise
Power increase to 610 PS and 950 Nm
Limited to 8 conversions worldwide

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