With the third installment of the Stallone, MANSORY presents a fully refined Ferrari to the public with the 812. No screw was left untouched on the Ferrari 812 as MANSORY created another impressive automotive art piece like it’s predecessors, the 599 GTB and F12. Lightweight bodywork components made of visible carbon fibre, monoblock light weight forged wheels, performance tuning, and a complete reworking of the interior prove this is not a your everyday Ferrari two-door sports coupe.

MANSORY makes its aerodynamics components exclusively out of ultra-light carbon on the Ferrari 812 Superfast. With years of experience manufacturing carbon fibre on luxury and exotic vehicles, the symmetry of the carbon fibre structure is preserved to show how amazing it should look, enabling the carbon fabric to be used as a design element, and all body parts to be offered in visible carbon fibre. No matter what the part that is produced by their engineers, MANSORY’s precision craftsmanship means that all components are made to fit perfectly.

As earlier stated, no part on the 812 Superfast was left untouched as the 6.5 litre V12 engine also received a performance upgrades with in-house engine development at MANSORY. Resulting from engine management tuning and in combination of a stainless steel mandrel bent sports exhaust system, performance of the 812 Superfast engine has been increased to 830hp/611kW with torque soaring to 740 Nm.

To handle the additional horsepower, MANSORY combined lowering springs with monoblock forged ultra-light wheels called YN.5. MANSORY uses rims with dimensions of 9.5 x 21 and 12 x 22 and tyres measuring 265/30-21 and 335/25-22.

MANSORY has created an interior that combines functionality and comfort perfectly. The sports steering wheel was designed specifically for the Ferrari 812 with an aluminum pedal set for complete control of the vehicle. The rest of the interior received hand crafted leather combined with carbon for a luxurious sporty feel. MANSORY stitched logos and illuminated door sills are the finishing touches to the STALLONE 812 Superfast.

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